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DL數目來到新高 7位

加上季初很猛的投手群開始cool down

ERA and WHIP 還能維持在領先群  而W SV K 等 就下滑的嚴重

而打擊還是得在加強一點才行  目前是靠某幾位燙手的超表現 還可以維持成績不被拉開


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Jeff Samardzija

Depot Grade: B+
6-5 / 220 | Age - 23 | RHP | B/T - R/R | Drafted - 2006 (R5) |

University of Notre Dame
Floor: Bullpen | Ceiling: Front-end Starter | Projection: #3 Starter


Samardzija’s fastball is a heavy, mid-90s offering and his wipeout
slider flashes plus-plus (he can back-door it or use it as a true “
swing-and-miss” pitch). After a schizophrenic MiL career,

“The Shark” broke through in the Cubs bullpen where his fastball/slider combo was effective right away. While he has the tools to succeed in a Major League pen
right now, the Cubs could look to put his power stuff back in a starting role
(which would likely mean some time down in Iowa to continue to work on his
fringy changeup and command). Despite up-and-down numbers over the past two
seasons, there is reason to believe he can be successful in a rotation. He
was routinely much stronger the second time through the order in the minors
and did a solid job of maintaining his velocity.

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目標價位 45


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